Saving energy: renovate your house to reduce your bills

In the space of 10 years, the price of electricity as well as gas rose by more than 44%. Many French people now undertake to renovate their homes in order to save energy.

In addition, since 2017, the government has made available an energy bonus to all French people wishing to perform energy saving work.

But what is the energy bonus?


The energy bonus, also known as energy saving thumbs is a government initiative to help individuals financially during energy saving work. It was set up in early 2018, and can be requested until December 31, 2020. To obtain it, it is enough to accept the offer of an approved partner (like Auchan for example) and to send its file works consisting of renovation bills.

Among the eligible installation types, we find heat pumps, solar systems but also roof insulation or floors.

Which renovations provide the greatest energy savings?

Of all the renovations possible and covered by the energy saving bonus, some are more efficient than others.

The roof, for example, causes up to 30% of heat loss in a dwelling. Its insulation can therefore save significant amounts of energy. The walls, meanwhile, are responsible for 20 to 25% of losses against 10% for the soil. It is interesting to keep these numbers in mind before committing financially to these renovations.

In addition to insulation work, replacing its heating method can also be very beneficial in terms of energy savings, depending on your current equipment.

Indeed, in 2018, the price per kWh of electricity reached 0.152 USD and that of propane gas, nearly 0.163 USD. This may seem very expensive when comparing these prices with those of other energies such as wood (0.043 USD / kWh), especially with the evolution of prices over the last 10 years.

It must be kept in mind, however, that the price per kWh should not be the only factor taken into account when comparing several energies. We must also look at the price of installation (purchase of a stove for example) and maintenance (cleaning, etc.).

Renovate for the planet

Renovate for the planet

Renovating your home or changing your heating method is also a great opportunity to make a gesture to the planet. In addition to saving energy, adopting a heating system based on renewable energy (such as solar panels or heat pump) has a significant ecological impact.

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